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Alceu Maia

 “Marcelo Nami, to me, is simply phenomenal. I’d even say that he’s unbelievable. Yes, that was the impression I got when I first heard him play: incredible. Music flows in his soul with the tenderness of angels strumming their lyres. His songs show sublime inspiration and are technically perfect. I have to say he’s undoubtedly the definitive musician, and one of the best in the world. Technique and feeling are united in perfect harmony. Listening to him playing his works or recreating other songs is something outstanding, it’s a gift to our souls. I must confess that I sometimes ask myself if he really exists… Does he? Can so much talent come from a single person? After you enjoy his music, you’ll certainly say: yes, it’s possible!"

Brazilian harmonica player Rildo Hora

“I had the pleasure of meeting Marcelo Nami and listening to him at Cia. dos Técnicos Studio in Rio de Janeiro. It wasn't hard to notice that I was before a unique musician. His virtuosity, sensitivity and good taste in harmony will certainly lead him to a brilliant career.”

Venezuelan cuatrista Jorge Glem

“When I met Marcelo, I realized right away that, besides being a great musician, he's also somebody who shines his light with his notes and his mastery. He's the perfect combination of skill and soul. Marcelo is definitely the reflex of what someday I wish I could be.”

Brazilian guitarist Francisco Araujo

“Marcelo Nami’s new CD, Back Again, will certainly be a historic landmark and an innovation in Brazilian and international guitar repertoire. The artist has an innovative style and unique technique, which have been shown in works such as THE FLY’S EGG and PAQUITO. One of the intrinsic qualities of Brazilian guitar virtuosi is that, besides being virtuosi, they’re great arrangers, composers and interpreters; but it’s worth mentioning that not every virtuoso is creative. Nami, besides being an eminent virtuoso, is creative and, above all, he’s a stylist, a great interpreter, and he belongs to those rare species in Brazilian art and guitar history.”